Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Streak is Over........

Tonight was our first home gymnastics meet, and the first loss at home since 2005. I'm not disappointed, though. Our score went up, and oddly enough we will probably go up in the national rankings. Gymnastics is a weird sport in that wins and losses don't really count. It's the score that matters. Heck, the other team doesn't even have to BE there. You could just perform in front of the judges and email each other the scores.

The home team in a dual meet always ends on floor exercise, typically the highest scoring event. Visitors end on the high-pressure beam. And we had them on the ropes going into the final rotation. But floor turned out to be our nemesis tonight. No real major mistakes, but a lot of little ones.

We only lost by a tenth of a point, and we lost to the #3 team who also upset the defending national champs last weekend. We don't have to hang our heads, and neither should our girls. It's a long way to April.

Now it's time for the Falcons to kick off. My blood pressure is taking a beating tonight.

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