Friday, January 7, 2011

Must Be All that Global Warming......

We are bracing for a fierce winter storm here in the Deep South. "Fierce" as in the kind of weather that some parts of the country endure on a pretty much constant basis for six months out of the year. The weather people are predicting anywhere from 1" to 6" of snow for our area Sunday night, Monday, and possibly into Tuesday.

That means there won't be a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk in any store in Northeast Georgia. (As I heard someone say once, and surprisingly it wasn't Hubby, "Why bread and milk? Why not the really necessary things, like beer and toilet paper?") People will run around madly tomorrow and Sunday, buying generators and kerosene heaters and acting like the world as we know it is coming to an end.

If we do end up with any accumulation, it means that any reasonable people will hunker down inside and try to stay warm. The ones without any reason, without any sense, without any brains, without any regard for personal or public safety, will get in their cars and traipse up and down the road. Several of those will tow OTHERS without any of the above behind their cars on skis (they will probably be WATER skis, since we are in the Deep South), trash can lids, kiddie swimming pools, and anything else they can create makeshift sleds out of.

If we get the kind of accumulation the weather folks are talking about (and Hubby points out they are only being shown from the waist up again), school will be closed on Monday. And possibly Tuesday. Because we all know it doesn't take much snow to close schools in Georgia.

The weather folks tonight were warning folks about the possibility of losing their electricity, and this is where things could get ugly. We have a wood stove, so we won't get cold. We can cook on it if we have to, so we won't go hungry. But we could find ourselves UNABLE TO WATCH FOOTBALL ON TV. Even worse, we could find ourselves WITHOUT INTERNET SERVICE.

I think I will spend Sunday making sure all of my battery-operated devices are fully charged: my iPad, my Kindle, my Nintendo DS, my laptop, both cameras. Hubby is supposed to go do some temp work with the Pepsi folks Monday, but he says he will just call them and tell them he isn't coming if it gets too bad. He didn't have that option when he worked for them full-time; folks HAD to have their Pepsi, bad weather and dangerous roads be damned.

Have a good weekend. Throw another log on the fire and stay warm.


Anonymous said...

okay, those things are so not what I thought of when you said 'battery-operated devices'

Alan said...

Please be aware that you in Northeast Georgia are not unique. The good folks here in Middle Georgia are able to perform the same stupid antics you discuss.

Also, our education system is publishing procedures about Snow Days as of Yesterday, Friday, January 7, 2010.

As a former citizen of the great upper mid-west I am quite able to cope with the problem.

I have laid in a good supply of food items. Most important however is the requirement for appropriate adult beverages (beer) and toilet paper.

I say bring it on. We have a fireplace and I can warm up hot dogs in a cast iron dutch oven whenever I need to.

Life is Good, but you do have to be ready for it.

I appreciate your humor and this Blog Post is very timely.

Well Done.

Alan said...

I just noted you have a child in the U. S. Navy. You can be very proud of that accomplishment.

As you know, only about 25 percent of our young people qualify for service in our Military. The other 75 percent are not able to pass the mental test, the physical exam or have criminal records. I suspect that some of these also have multiple problems.

It must be great to know that one is too fat, stupid and also a thief.

Of course this does not bode well for the future of our Society.

Please let your Navy Child know that she did things correctly.

Of course you and your perfect spouse have every right to be intensely proud of her.

I am Alan, a U. S. Navy Veteran

Kelly said...

We're supposed to get it this time, too, starting Sunday morning. Living in a rural area, I may well be without power myself. The Kindle is charged (like I don't have enough real books on the shelf for a lifetime) and I'll charge the iPhone overnight.

To be honest, though....I'll believe it when it gets here. They cry wolf more times than not.