Saturday, January 22, 2011

#33 - Go to a UGA Basketball Game....

I'm not sure this is exactly the FIRST time in my LIFE I've been to a UGA basketball game. I'm pretty sure I went to a few when I was in college, because A) it was cheap (or free) for students; and B) the guy I dated in college went to as many basketball games as he could, because his father was sure to be there and he could ask him for money.

I must have bought the very last two tickets for this game, because this is the view from our seats:

See all those empty seats over there, just behind the "G", at about midcourt? Yeah, those would be approximately where my gymnastics seats are. Why couldn't we have sat THERE?

I love college ball, mostly because I love watching the students. If we had been closer (or if I had taken my super-dooper-zoom-lens camera), I would have taken a picture of the guy in a Rocky-style bathroom and boxing gloves. They played the theme from Rocky and he danced/boxed his way around the entire arena and up to the topmost level. I'm guessing he's a regular.

Then there was the guy who I hope is NOT a member of the UGA swim team. He was wearing a star-spangled Speedo and a swim cap. And he was REALLY into the cheers. He was a little scary, but he was undoubtedly entertaining.

I have no idea who the people are in the picture below. I just thought the little girl was precious (and she sneezed twice right before I took this picture). I would have asked her mom to step out of the picture, but I didn't want her to think I was some weird baby-snatcher stalker weirdo. Just the weirdo part was enough. 

Below is proof that Hubby and I were indeed there in person (and I took ALL of my chins with me) and I didn't just steal these pictures off the internet somewhere. He appears to be there under duress, but I assure you he was happy to be there. He even said he would like to go back to another game. In the middle of the week. What's up with THAT?

I felt obligated to take a picture of the cheerleaders and Dance Dawgs, since they spent a lot more time on the court than the actual basketball players did. I swear, the official time-outs in a televised basketball game make it take approximately fifty percent longer than it should.

Below is a shot of the student section with the pep band in the background. (Do they still call it a pep band?) At gymnastics meets all we get is canned music. What's up with THAT?

I realize it's not a quality photo, but it's the best I could do with my "idiot" camera. If I had taken the big camera case in with me, Hubby would have expected me to conceal a flask in it. For some reason he equates a secret flask with ALL sporting events. Including gymnastics. 

Oh, and we won the game. We beat Mississippi State (the pseudo-Bulldogs) 86-64.

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