Sunday, January 16, 2011

Homemade Pretzels......

I was thrilled to find my bread machine last week, and I immediately made a loaf of warm, delicious bread. Personally I think the bread is a letdown after the aroma, but that's the nature of the beast. The crust on my bread was a little too crumbly, and it was hard to slice. So I gave up and just tore off huge chunks. You're my friends so I can admit that.

The recipe book that came with the bread machine has other stuff besides bread, and I'm hoping to try several of them. When I saw the recipe for pretzels, I knew I wanted to try those.

You know the kind .... yeasty, warm, salt-covered, chewy deliciousness that you can buy at a sporting event, or heck even for a day at the mall if you're so inclined.

My pretzels weren't pretty, as you can see by the picture below. Hubby looked up a video on YouTube and tried to show me how to tie them properly, but for some reason I was insulted by his offer of help. So I just looped them any old way I wanted to.

Next time I need to roll the strips out smaller and, yes, perhaps I need to practice tying some so they don't look like globs of pretzel dough. I used sea salt on them, which was perfect, but for my personal taste I need to use more next time.

Hubby doesn't like them, so I had all the pretzels to myself. I would like to pretend that this was the only pan of them and that I exercised some restraint. Both would be a lie, however. I ate so many pretzels that I skipped dinner. Or perhaps that WAS dinner. Wonder why I'm so thirsty now?

Now I need to find a recipe for some of that delicious, gooey cheese they serve with these bad boys.

(I haven't given up on my weight loss attempt. I just took a little tiny break from it today. Back on track after tomorrow!)


DJan said...

well, I think they look tasty! And I look forward to your next attempts at bread making. Very entrepreneurial of you!

Kelly said...

These look wonderful!! I shouldn't be looking at blogs before lunch. If only I could reach through the screen and grab one!