Thursday, April 15, 2010


If we can just get through tomorrow, we will reach Spring Break AT LAST, and we'll only have four weeks of school left when we get back. I am so ready for the break.

Katydid and I are taking the motorhome on a bicycle ride this weekend. We'll camp with full hook-ups, which is a heck of a lot better than sleeping in a tent and a whole bunch cheaper than staying in a motel. We'll even have internet, if I am successful at setting up the connect card that I bought for the laptop tonight. I never said we were roughing it.

Monday Hubby and I are planning to take a day-trip on the motorcycles. We probably won't ride more than 100 miles; just somewhere out in the country to enjoy the scenery. We'll probably have lunch somewhere and then Hubby will be hell-bent on getting back home.

Tuesday Gus has an appointment with his new hairdresser. I hope we like her, because it's harder to find a new dog groomer than a new people hairdresser. And he's getting quite shaggy, since our former groomer had the audacity to get married and move to Texas. Tuesday is also the day I play to tackle the "computer room," better known as a junk room. I'm going to be ruthless. I may take before and after pictures, if I'm not too embarrassed.

Wednesday I will fly to Florida to see Sweet Girl. I got a sweet deal on a round-trip ticket for about a hundred bucks each way. Gas would cost almost that much, never mind the twelve hours out of my life it would take to drive round-trip.

Thursday I have tickets to the NCAA gymnastics championships. I will NEVER buy national championship tickets in advance again - I think it's bad karma. Even though our team isn't in the competition, we do have an individual competitor in two events, beam and floor, and she has more than a decent shot at a national title.

Friday night's competition is for the team national championship, and we will probably go just to see who wins. It'll be weird, though, not having a team to cheer for. Like the time Hubby and I went to the SEC football championship game because someone gave him the tickets. Auburn and Florida were playing, and Hubby and I sort of sat in our seats with our arms crossed. We wanted them both to lose.

Saturday night will be the individual event championships, and we'll go to that only if our girl reaches the finals. Which she should. But our team SHOULD have made it to nationals too, so I'm not going to jinx her.

Sunday morning I'll fly home and begin the decompression process for returning to school after break.

But in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the time off. Happy spring!


Maggie said...

How is it we, as teachers, seem to cram so much into our spring breaks that we need a break from our break when we get back? (did that make any sense?)

Have a wonderful week off and enjoy your touring around!

Maggie said...

Added thought--- too bad you didn't plan a motorhome road trip to Texas for Gus's hair.... hey, I'm just sayin'!