Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack...........

Just in case you noticed I was gone.....

It is a rare event that I miss a day of blogging, and I don't think I have EVER missed two days in a row.

I didn't know there were parts of the world where there was no internet AND no cell service.

We took the motorhome to South Carolina this weekend. We had planned the trip for a while, but then we had some minor mechanical problems late last week, and I didn't think we would get to go. Therefore I didn't plan ahead and write a couple of blog entries to post while we were gone.

I found out literally at 3:00 Friday that we were indeed going out of town. I had to pack the food, clothes, dog, gear, breathing machine, crocheting, computer (useless, as it turned out) all in a matter of about 30 minutes.

I left out some really important things. Like my toiletries case. I reached for it, but it never made it to the RV. You know you've been married almost 13 years when you can share a toothbrush for a weekend. I didn't think I had a hairbrush either, and I was going to cut my hair with a butcher knife in that case. Luckily I found one in the bottom of purse, largely unused. The brush, not the purse.

The campground had wireless internet, but only at the main building and in the guest rooms. That was about a 3 mile walk around the lake from where we were camped. It was a very short row in a kayak, but we didn't take that either. It was a very doable bicycle ride, but we didn't take those either. I wasn't about to lug my laptop on a 3-mile walk.

I remember now that the last time we were in this state park, the cell coverage was spotty. But in the campground itself, it was nonexistent. We were completely incommunicado all weekend. And you know what? It wasn't totally bad. I think it might do us good every now and then to be without those amenities.

I used to be a tent camper, and I didn't mind it at all. Then. I could cook on a campstove, "go" in the woods, wash dishes in a creek, and be entertained by a campfire.

Nowadays, my idea of "roughing it" is what we did this weekend. A campground without internet.

I enjoyed having a microwave, shower (theoretically - we also had an issue with the hot water heater), coffee maker, air conditioner (yes, really!).

Oh, and I actually drove the RV. It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Of course, I mostly went straight.

This is the view out our "bedroom" window. Yes, I make my bed every day, even in the RV.

Last night we grilled steaks and some of the most awesome corn-on-the-cob that I've ever had. I think it was completely accidental that I cooked it the PERFECT amount of time. We also had a salad, which means we officially ate better at the campground than we do at home. Hubby says we're going again next week.

Not really.

I was able to add another state sticker to the map on the inside of the door.

Those of you who are my OCD friends will totally be able to relate to the state sticker thing. Hubby thinks I'm nuts. Our RV was a used one, and this map was already on the door. Apparently that's just something you DO when you have an RV. The folks who owned it before us had put stickers for Florida, Alabama, and possibly Mississippi on the map. I'm guessing they had actually camped in those places. They left the remaining state stickers in the RV.

I tore off the stickers of places we haven't been yet. That means that when we DO go there, I won't have those states to put on the map. But it didn't seem right to have them on the door when we haven't been there ourselves. So when we take the RV to Florida (I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope), I will have to buy a new set of stickers.

Yes, I need therapy.

But I felt really terrible about not blogging. I felt worse about that than I do when I don't exercise.

Which I didn't do today. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride, but I spent the day inside, catching up on my virtual school grading that I couldn't do over the weekend.

Oh, and Happy Easter!


Maggie said...

In reality I was just composing an email to you because you hadn't blogged in what I thought was going to be 3 days and II hadn't had comments from you in a long while here. I was hoping you were okay!

glad you had a good time and this would be considered "roughing it" for me as well!

Welcome back!

KatyDid53 said...

Your mother tried to call you all weekend! So much for being invisible!

Love you and Happy Easter!