Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Randomness.......

  • One thing I like about baseball season is that it ends in the same year it starts. Not true with basketball or football.
  • Some authors need to write faster. Anne Rivers Siddons, Pat Conroy, Terry Kay to name a few. No coincidence that all of those are Southern authors.
  • I can tell it's the end of the semester for my online job. I just taught my weekly one-hour lesson in about 21 minutes.
  • Remember the story about the stick-on states that came with our RV and how I peeled off and threw away the states we hadn't been to yet, knowing that we are eventually going to go to those states? Yeah, they don't make that kind anymore.
  • I keep buying cookbooks. But they don't really make me want to cook.
  • I'm flying to Florida tomorrow. And if it won't fit in my bookbag, it ain't going. Seriously, I'm going to pack for four days in a bookbag. That includes my breathing machine. It does not include my laptop, which will be my other carry-on item.
  • When we camp in the motorhome, I get all giddy about cooking, washing the dishes, drying the dishes, and putting things in their proper places. Why can't that carry over to my house?
  • I have a former co-worker who lives in Florida now. When he found out I was coming to Florida this weekend, he invited me to a Jimmy Buffett concert. I thought "Cool" and asked how much tickets were. His response? "Oh, we don't have tickets. We're just tailgating all day. We're staying at the hotel next to the....." Seriously? You tailgate for a concert you're not going to? Man, I've been out of the loop too long.
  • The kid who was in the best position to be UGA's starting quarterback next fall has been dismissed from the team, presumably for his arrest on an alcohol-related offense during Spring Break. His mother works in the athletic office. Ouch. I'm rather proud of our coach.
  • As long as I am employed by a school system, I will feel obligated to capitalize Spring Break.
  • I feel guilty when I stop at the bank and take money out of my own savings account. I imagine this little person inside the ATM saying, "Hey! Hey!!! Didn't you just put that money IN HERE? You're killing me here!