Friday, April 16, 2010

Great Plans.........

I had such great plans today. I knew there wouldn't be many kids at school because it was the last day before Spring Break. I planned to keep up with my online grading so I could start the weekend with an empty dropbox. (Why does that sound a little obscene?) I didn't count on two of our kids being in a terrible wreck this morning. (They are fine.). They were on a school-sanctioned activity. For which we did not require permission slips. They are brother and sister, both under 18. I didn't count on my boss thinking it would be better for me to acccompany our services coordinator to the hospital instead of her going herself. I also didn't count on the Internet connect card I bought for the laptop being useless because we are in a no-service area. I didn't count on blogging with my thumbs. That's so 2009.

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