Saturday, March 5, 2011

Summer Camp for Grown-Ups.......

I would like to propose a summer camp for grown-ups. I don't want to RUN it, I want to GO to it. I want it to have some of the same features of the summer camp I went to as a child, but I'd like to see some improvements also.

    Three meals a day, cooked by someone else, with the resulting clean-up also done by someone else.

    Someone else to come in and clean the cabins.

    Several bars strategically placed throughout the camp.

    Air conditioning in the cabins.

    Private bathrooms.

    Hammocks strung between shade trees.

    A huge pool for swimming, and a pool with a current that would run around the perimeter of the whole camp, so campers could just float.

    A hot tub. Preferably near one of the bars.

    Soothing music.

    Massages upon request, no appointment needed, as many times a day as you want.

    A section of beach with chaise lounges just for reading.

    An arts and crafts center, where I MIGHT learn to knit.

    Individual Nintendo Wii centers for each individual camper. Never mind about waiting my turn.

    Nintendo Wii coaches to get us through the tough levels.

    Poker tables with a never-ending supply of chips. That we could cash in for real money at the end of the week.

    Personal hairdressers, make-up artists, manicurists/pedicurists, and wardrobe experts.

    No bugs or snakes or sunburn.

    King-sized beds in the cabins.

    Maybe with the right sponsors we can get this idea to catch on.


    Maggie said...

    Sign me the heck up ASAP please. Book me for the entire summer!

    DJan said...

    Um, that sounds like Paradise, reserved for those who have passed on to the next world. I figure that pretty much describes my version of Heaven! :-)

    Evil Pixie said...

    I think they have tropical resorts that fit the bill.

    Anonymous said...

    I wanna go!!!

    Kelly said...

    This sounds wonderful! I would say we've all shown enough interest here that SOMEone should look into providing this for us.

    Oh...and will there be scholarships so we don't have to pay? As long as I'm dreaming I can dream big!