Thursday, March 24, 2011

#50 - Go to the Chiropractor.........

I didn't intend to do this particular item on my 50 Things to Do list quite this soon. The pain in my neck/back has grown so intense, though, that I was forced to go. In fact, Hubby got so concerned when we were walking yesterday (I doubled over in pain and started crying, right there on the hiking trail in the park) that when we got home, HE called the chiropractor to see if he could see me. Usually I'm the one who makes HIS appointments/phone calls.

My neck/upper back started hurting Sunday night, and I thought it was just a crick from sleeping wrong. But it grew worse and worse, and it hurt the most when I was sitting in my recliner or LYING DOWN. How much sense does THAT make? It didn't hurt to do Zumba, and it didn't bother me at school (thank goodness for that). But I couldn't get comfortable at night. It appeared to worsen on Monday night and last night, both of which were days on which I rode my bicycle home. Great. Another activity I love that's going to cause me discomfort. Wasn't being allergic to the pool enough?

I left school this morning during testing, since many of our kids were taking the test. The chiropractor said I was indeed very tight in a couple of spots, and he made a few adjustments. He asked me several times how I had done it, and he said there must have been some initiating incident.

I felt silly telling him this, but the ONLY thing I could think of was on Saturday night, when I realized I had left my BIG, EXPENSIVE CAMERA at the arena in Birmingham, I was driving and I snapped my head around to look in the back seat. I wasn't aware of any pain at that point, but I was pretty much unaware of ANYTHING other than getting my camera back.

I'm going back a couple of days next week, and he has given me some exercises to do in the meantime. I guess that means I have homework. It feels much better right now, and I'm planning to bike home tomorrow afternoon. We'll see if it has the same effect as it did Monday and yesterday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't.

I don't have enough drugs for this.


Julie said...

I've done the very same thing, whipped my head around on the bike, felt an immediate burning pain in my neck, and now have recurring problems with it. It helps to sleep with just one flat pillow at night and when it flares up I apply those heat patches and take a Tylenol+. Do you have problems turning in one direction more than the other?

Gwen said...

Some activities, as little as they seem to be, can be the starting point that might lead to excruciating pain on different parts of the body. For instance, that little snap incident you had can be a determining factor. But, I think you made the right decision of going to the chiropractor. Chiropractic techniques are best known for their ability to work on tight spots, pinched nerves, and aligning your body. Once you start with the treatment, you can feel that the pain is becoming less apparent, and you’ll feel so much better. You will have no regrets including this activity on your list!

Gwen Knight

Jaye Fiecke said...

It’s good to know that you thought of going to chiropractor when you started feeling the pain in your neck and back. Chiropractors will help to properly adjust and align your body’s musculoskeletal structure with hands-on spinal manipulation.

- Jaye Fiecke

Lakendra Wiltse said...
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Darlene Fanning said...

It’s a great idea that you considered going to a chiropractor. Chiropractic techniques are not only helpful in relieving back and neck pain, but also headaches, joint pain and injuries. For me, the greatest benefit that I got from taking chiropractic care is a healthier pregnancy. It made my spinal adjustments easier and more comfortable during my pregnancy, which helped my baby get into the proper position for delivery! ;)

Darlene Fanning

Tiffani Villagomez said...

Well, good thing you had a checkup before it got even worse. Chiropractors really know what they’re doing, since they studied for four years before getting into a doctorate program, much like medical school. But instead of dwelling more on pharmacology and surgery, they focus on radiographic imaging and joint mobilization techniques.

Tiffani Villagomez