Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Observations from Last Week......

Here are just a few observations from last week. Not to be confused with musings or random thoughts.

  • If it pours down rain on a Friday and half the school population chooses not to come to school, it will NOT be the half you WISH would stay home. (I know I've said it before right here on this blog, but it has been proven yet again.)
  • If they ask you which arm is better for them to take blood out of, you have a 50% chance of getting it right. Why can't you?
  • If the perky little college student conducting a tour apologizes for the country music playing in the workout room, it's probably futile to explain to her who Fleetwood Mac is.
  • If you have Hubby drop you and your bicycle off at school with the idea of riding the bike home, it's a good idea to pack cycling PANTS along with the jersey and sports bra and sandals.
  • If a college gymnast (NOT one of ours) falls on the first tumbling pass of her floor routine and has to be carried off the floor, they will reward her with a score of .05. Come on, people, that's just WRONG. A zero would be better than a .05.
  • If your foot hurts to walk on it, odds are it isn't going to feel any better for you to RUN on it.
  • If you drive two hours to see your great-nephew and take your camera in with you, it would make a lot more sense if you actually TOOK some pictures.
  • If you only make sugar-free pudding so you can put Cool-Whip on top of it, why don't you just eat Cool-Whip by itself?
  • If you use a fool-proof automatic bread machine, you can still have an abysmal bread failure.
  • An abysmal bread failure is still okay if you dip it in olive oil and spices and wash it down with a glass of wine.

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Anonymous said...

I eat cool-whip by itself all the time. No judgement here.