Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crock Pot Candy.......

I don't normally post recipes on my blog, because APPARENTLY SOMEONE HAS CORNERED THE MARKET ON THAT. However, I mentioned in my Seven Deadly Sins Meme post that one of my guilty pleasures is crock pot candy. Kelly was intrigued and asked me about it in a comment, and I promised her I would post the recipe. To be honest, I haven't made it recently, mainly BECAUSE it is a guilty pleasure.

This recipe was included in my bank statement one month several years ago, and I thought it sounded A) easy; and B) chocolaty. Two points for each of those characteristics. I usually make it around the holidays and give little individual packages to friends and co-workers. Unless I'm feeling particularly Bah-humbuggy, in which case I make a batch of it and PRETEND to give it to friends and family but instead climb into the crock pot and swim around in it.

Crock Pot Candy

1 jar (16-oz.) dry roasted peanuts, unsalted
1 jar (16-oz.) dry roasted peanuts, salted
1 pkg. (12-oz.) semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 bar (4-oz.) German chocolate, broken into pieces
3 lbs. (or 2 planks) white bark, broken into pieces

Put ingredients into a 4 or 5 quart crock pot in order listed. Cover and cook 3 hours on low. DO NOT REMOVE LID. Turn off and cool slightly. Mix thoroughly and drop by teaspoonfuls onto waxed paper. Let cool thoroughly. Approximately 170 pieces. (Yeah, right). 

I made a batch of this and sent it to Sweet Girl when she was on one of her Persian Gulf cruises. It was also a big hit at our family reunion. I've had the idea to make a large container of it and auction it off one year, but I haven't followed through with the thought.

I've wanted to try some variations, too, but I haven't gotten around to THAT either. I would like to try it with almonds instead of peanuts and add coconut. (Can you say Crock Pot Almond Joy?) Or maybe peanut butter added to the mix. Would that be too much peanutty goodness? Or maybe pecans and caramel.

Why don't some of YOU try one of these variations and send me a sample get back to me with the results? It could be fun.

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Kelly said...

Thank you (I think) for posting this!!

I believe I'll try it as posted the first time, but think some of your variations sound quite good, too. Macadamia nuts? Toffee bits? The possibilities are endless!

Oh....and I'll never get that many servings out of mine, either. I always make stuff bigger than you're supposed to.

You know...this is one time I think it will actually be FUN cleaning up the crockpot. I just hope no one is around to witness it!