Saturday, August 11, 2012

What a Boy......

I have a little quiz for you. I'm not grading it or anything, so don't feel bad if you don't do very well on it.

How old would you guess this child is?

Oh my, I almost can't bear to look at those blue eyes.

I'll give you a little hint. I wrote about him when he was born, all whopping almost 11 pounds of him.

This adorable boy is my great-nephew, and he's 19 months old. As in NOT QUITE TWO. He looks positively grown-up to me. His name is Wyatt - isn't that a cool name? Sometimes they call him Lincoln, which is his middle name. What a dilemma, deciding which of his two cool names he should go by.

I love this shot of him, and I wish I had taken it. My nephew's wife, Wyatt's mother, took the photo and put it on Facebook. I asked permission before I stole it.

Here's another beautiful shot, this time with his daddy, my nephew.

I love that shot too. Why, oh why, can't I take incredible pictures like those?

This boy is never, and I mean NEVER, still. He's not a BAD child, he's just BUSY. I hope to all that's holy that he never gets his hands on caffeine.

He has already outgrown his 2T clothes and is moving into 3T. He'll probably be shopping at the big and tall shop for men before he starts school. It may have something to do with the fact that his (handsome) daddy is 6'8" or 6'9".

In an attempt to be an equal opportunity great-aunt, here is his big sister.

My goodness, another gorgeous shot. I don't know if these children are destined to be professional models, or if their mother is destined to be a professional photographer.

Rylie was born to my nephew's wife in a previous wifetime, and she was very young when her parents divorced. When her mom and my nephew married, he adopted Rylie. Every year on the anniversary date of her adoption, he takes her out of school and they go to lunch somewhere, just dad and daughter. I can never tell anyone that story without choking up. I'm such a sap.

A word of caution: If I'm this teary-eyed over great-nieces and great-nephews, there's no telling how bad it will be when I have my own grandchildren.

You've been warned.

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